Government Relations/Public Policy

  • Lobbying/Advocating on a Local, State, and Federal Level
  • Legislative Updates & Bill Tracking
  • Bill Drafting for Your Specific Needs
  • Coalition Building & Whip Counts
  • Committee Attendance & Testimony
  • Presence & Relationship Building with Legislators

Business Consulting

  • Business Entity Set- Up (LLC, 501c, 527, etc…)
  • Act as a Statutory Agent (if needed)
  • Notary Public Services

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EPIC Policy Group is a solutions based lobbying firm in Arizona. That means we focus on getting you the results you need and helping you understand how we got there, so you can make informed decisions in the future.

Our approach is simple: we collaborate with our clients to deliver the best solutions possible. In the areas of legislative and regulatory consulting, we are confident in our abilities to deliver results.

EPIC Policy Group has a well-earned reputation in Phoenix for guiding clients through the legislative entanglements that can otherwise derail an important agenda. Whether it’s navigating the legislative process, developing an appropriations strategy or promoting your business interests before a legislative committee, we are here to help.

Legislative Consulting

Regulatory Consulting

Understanding and complying with the regulations, guidelines and laws specific to your organization can be daunting, especially if you’re involved in a highly regulated industry. Regulatory compliance can become a costly burden for organizations, especially when the number and the scope of the rules are always changing.

EPIC Policy Group specializes in helping organizations understand the complex political landscape, working collectively to help shape changes and offer critical insight for positive client impact.


Legislative and Regulatory Consulting

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EPIC Policy Group serves as a key ally to companies and organizations looking to advocate for their purpose. When it comes to legislative and regulatory affairs, we are unsurpassed in providing expertise and counsel in developing the strategies and insight necessary to getting our clients the best results possible.

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