Government Relations/Public Policy

  • Lobbying/Advocating on a Local, State, and Federal Level
  • Legislative Updates & Bill Tracking
  • Bill Drafting for Your Specific Needs
  • Coalition Building & Whip Counts
  • Committee Attendance & Testimony
  • Presence & Relationship Building with Legislators
  • Weekly ‘Copper Dome’ Updates

Business Consulting

  • Business Set- Up (LLC, 501c, 527, etc…)
  • Act as a Statutory Agent (if needed)
  • Notary Public Services


Often, national organizations deal with many policy and legal issues at the state level, but for a variety of reasons (primarily involving cost), focus primarily on national level activity. EPIC tools and resources allow us to monitor and identify pertinent state-level action, and our networks and relationships often provide us a means for effective advocacy on state legislation. We provide our clients with a detailed list of all relevant state legislation, and concise analysis of those bills of greatest impact or importance. Not only does this provide a valuable benefit for them and an early-warning system for business clients, but also builds a grass roots network of engaged individuals and businesses, who can be called upon for broad-based advocacy when issues arise.

With all the legislation that is drafted in one particular session, it could create anxiety as to staying informed.

“Does any of this legislation affect me?”

“What can I do if it does?”

“Will I suffer as a result of what is out?”

These are probably some of the questions you might ask yourself when the news sources start reporting on what had been passed. We believe in staying proactive, rather than being reactive. This is a philosophy that is true in life but could be life or death when it comes to proposed laws. EPIC Policy Group offers many different services that would preserve your business, and way of life. 

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