What does EPIC policy does for you


Although EPIC can open doors for you, a good public policy advocate will do a lot more than that.  EPIC can offer a whole range of services, including:




You really should already know what your goals are before you talk to EPIC. But we can help you translate your goals (which may be business-oriented or end-results oriented) into goals that make sense in the context of government.


Help you develop a strategy and focus your efforts where they’ll be most successful at the proper time. If a public policy advocate doesn’t specifically mention this in your talks with them, you might want to talk to EPIC Policy Group.  No matter how many contacts a public policy advocacy firm has, without the proper strategy, and execution at the right time, it won’t be effective.


Educate you on government processes, regulations, & potential traps (like conflict-of-interest laws).


Represent you and your interests to the government, so you don’t have to be there in person doing it yourself most of the time. Simply put, EPIC is talking with lawmakers, their staff, civil servants, and everyone else involved in the process, day in and day out.  Everyone working in the government has so much work to do and so many people talking with them all the time that, even if your issue is very important to someone, it probably won’t get enough attention without someone there to remind them about it.  A good public policy advocate should do that for you.


Help you develop relationships with people in government that can help you achieve your goals. This is where contacts come in.  If you have a good public policy advocate, he/she knows enough people that, even if he/she doesn’t know the specific people you really need to talk to, he/she can get introduced to them through someone else he/she knows.  Often all it takes to get a meeting with a lawmaker who hasn’t returned your calls is a call from another lawmaker mentioning your name.  Although your public policy advocate doesn’t have to know the exact people you need to talk to for him/her be effective, he/she needs to know a lot of people.  So, the size of his/her contact pool is more important than the specific people in the pool.  Quality of contacts is the next most important.


Find and support “champions” within the government who are willing to push for your objectives from within.


Individuals, businesses and organizations often have common interests that will provide a basis to work legislation effectively. Cooperation can significantly improve and strengthen the position being advocated on behalf of any individual or association. Coalition building is a key aspect of effective government relations. Many groups lack the staff, time or money to thoroughly participate in every legislative initiative or action on its own. EPIC provides the professional and technical resources to help you develop these relationships, build the necessary coalitions, and advocate with greater numbers to enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome.


Provide customized reports on pending legislation, interim studies, special commissions, task forces, roundtables, and other venues both inside and outside the legislative process. This includes tracking discussions, drafts, emerging issues, research reports and other activities that may ultimately affect legislation or client interests.


Plan and implement programs for client participation including strategic planning, policy development, monitoring and communications with government officials. Help you with coalition building, developing legislative or political presentations to targeted audiences and coordinating grassroots and media components of an effective government relations effort.


Advertise you and/or your project in appropriate places and appropriate ways. 


Identify potential customers within the many, many agencies, organizations, and offices in the government.


Support your legal and political interests in new laws considered and enacted by government.


Navigate the processes, politics, and regulations to successfully deliver a project after you’ve succeeded in getting it.

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