Often, national organizations deal with many policy and legal issues at the state level, but for a variety of reasons (primarily involving cost), focus primarily on national level activity. EPIC tools and resources allow us to monitor and identify pertinent state-level action, and our networks and relationships often provide us a means for effective advocacy on state legislation. We provide our clients with a detailed list of all relevant state legislation, and concise analysis of those bills of greatest impact or importance. Not only does this provide a valuable benefit for them and an early-warning system for business clients, but also builds a grass roots network of engaged individuals and businesses, who can be called upon for broad-based advocacy when issues arise.

With all the legislation that is drafted in one particular session, it could create anxiety as to staying informed.

“Does any of this legislation affect me?”

“What can I do if it does?”

“Will I suffer as a result of what is out?”

These are probably some of the questions you might ask yourself when the news sources start reporting on what had been passed. We believe in staying proactive, rather than being reactive. This is a philosophy that is true in life but could be life or death when it comes to proposed laws. EPIC Policy Group offers many different services that would preserve your business, and way of life. 


Our stance is that government should focus on limiting and removing barriers for agricultural production, trade, and consumption through our nation’s innovative agri-business network. Policymakers should seek solutions that promote the flourishing of the modern agriculture system, allowing it to meet growing demand.

We believe that unnecessary rules and bureaucratic hurdles should be avoided for producers, especially those competing in the global agriculture environment. This is particularly important as 97% of U.S. farms are family-owned and run by small farmers and ranchers. Our goal is to support these producers by removing obstacles to their success.

At EPIC Policy Group, we promote free-market environmentalism to find mutually beneficial solutions. We believe that this approach is key to achieving sustainable agriculture and ensuring a thriving industry for generations to come.

The clientele of the EPIC Policy Group benefit from a wealth of experience in governmental and public affairs. We utilize advocacy plans that prioritize strategic planning to effectively promote our clients' issues and agendas, while also expertly navigating government relations. As our clients' advocate, we guide them through the complex landscape of government, helping them reach their desired destinations.

At EPIC Policy, we possess a comprehensive understanding of both the objectives of the government and the intricacies of Arizona's healthcare industry. Through our established connections with key policymakers and decision-makers, we are able to effectively advocate for our healthcare clients and advance their interests.

Boasting a collective advocacy experience of over 100 years, our team is equipped to extend this expertise to our municipal and county clients. Our local government portfolio encompasses a wide range of issues essential to the efficient functioning of counties and municipalities, such as environmental concerns, finance and taxation, appropriations, growth management, and transportation and infrastructure requirements.



Transportation infrastructure demands continue to be of critical importance to the growth and economic vitality of Arizona. Our diverse transportation portfolio provides an effective platform to achieve our clients’ goals.


EPIC Policy Group is the firearms lobbyists in Arizona, both advocating for the rights of law-abiding citizens and the firearms industry in Arizona. We focus on prioritizing criminal misuse of firearms while protecting the rights of responsible gun owners. We continually pursue legislative improvements, including restoring the right to openly or discreetly carry firearms, reducing restrictions on carrying firearms in public spaces, allowing firearms in restaurants, preserving the presumption of innocence in self-defense situations, establishing consistent firearms laws statewide, holding property owners liable for banning firearms, and enhancing concealed carry laws.

Overall, EPIC Policy Group represents the interests of law-abiding gun owners and the firearms industry in Arizona, advocating for legislative reforms and providing support to businesses in the field.


Yes, EPIC Policy Group advocates for FREEDOM. We represent half of the State Motorcycle Rights Organizations in Arizona, travel across the country to lobby for motorcyclists rights. We have been recognized numerous times from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation with Legislative Awards for the work we do on behalf of ABATE of Arizona.