Want to change a law, although don’t know how?

One of the deep structural problems in our political system is that narrow groups with strong interests often win out over the common good.

Lobbying is a powerful industry in our country and a force in state legislatures. Lots of legislators around the country rely on lobbyists to educate them about policy issues and to actually write legislation. Unfortunately, hiring a lobbyist is too expensive for most average citizens.

If the weight of Lobby activity in affecting government decision making is not well clear to you, you can get a great overview at openSecrets.org. To get an even better grasp of the extent to which lobbying is part of modern democracy, move on and have a look at their Top Spenders list. Caution, big numbers ahead.

EPIC Policy Group was founded on the belief of holistic legislation. That is legislation that is good for all of the people, not just the elite few. So we saw a model like this on the federal level and thought since “All politics is local”, let’s make this available to people on the state and local municipal level too.

The ordinary, simple, tax paying citizen can’t afford to hire the big lobbying companies, to fend for themselves and their interests…

That is why we decided to establish “EPICLobbyist”. So we can use the classic lobbying tools of persuasion, pressure points, active promotion etc. of a professional lobbyist for the benefit of the general public.

People can contribute $5 to $500 dollars to the issue of their choice. That money is pooled and used to collectively hire a lobbyist. It’s the power in numbers that help level the playing field.

I find it to be one beautiful expression of the crowd sourcing democracy idea. And I am looking forward to seeing similar projects rising in other parts of the country.

At this point, the naive reader might be getting somewhat angry at the concept. Thinking something among these lines, “Hey, I pay my taxes and I vote for legislators, now why do I need to pay extra to get them to do what I already paid for. I have done my part now you do your job”.

And for that I can offer a friendly suggestion. Wake up, Unicorns do not poop ice cream, and nobody cares about why you paid your tax money. That’s the way the system works. and if you don’t like it, get a lobbyist to change it for you.

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