We believe that legislation, government decisions and administrative regulations can be successfully managed to prevent or otherwise mitigate the inadvertent or intentional governmental interference in the private sector or within other jurisdictions.

By proactively contributing to the development of public policy decisions, we strategically position our clients to help guide the debate, as opposed to reacting to the situation after all critical evaluations have been made.

The 'rule of law' means that laws, not individuals (including government leaders), have the ultimate power and that these laws must be easy to understand. The crafting of our nation’s future leaders is multiphasic. It needs to include the development of a rich pipeline of potential leaders upstream and a paradigmatic change in downstream processes, such as the way legislators address societal issues, along with follow-up regarding how regulatory actions impact the communities in which they are proposed. The phrase, ‘it takes a village,’ isn’t just a saying about raising our nation’s youth; it also holds true as we develop sensible legislation.

EPIC is defined by Webster as “extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope”. We have taken this definition to heart and developed the following acrostic:


The next generation of leaders are being raised today. It is part of the goal and mission of EPIC to train the next generation to take the reins.


Grassroots activism and professional advocacy. By participating in the legislative process, our client’s voices are heard. Organized grassroots advocacy makes it a loud voice.


The ability to think outside the box to figure out how to solve the problems and issues that society faces. Think tank and policy research is not designed to answer ALL the questions that are posed in society today, but to ask the right questions. We feel that with the right questions asked, the right answers can and will be answered. Only then will a viable solution be attained. This is what is called being a solutionary.


Holistic democracy and legislation are the key to being able to solve the issues facing today’s society. By utilizing a unique approach and seeing the issues from a different perspective allows EPIC to advocate on a different level than others.

About Us

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